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For 140 years, Sealy® has innovated systems focused on creating advanced support

Support where you need it most. 

Introducing Sealy® Recliners featuring Posturepedic™ Technology. A recliner that targets the heaviest part of your body with additional support where you need it most. 

By precisely engineering the seat and lumbar, we’re able to target reinforced support, while supporting exceptional full body comfort.

More than 130 years of innovation

Experience the Posturepedic™ Difference

Recliners that target and respond to your body by adjusting and adapting to every movement you make and evenly dispersing to your body's weight, also allowing your spine to rest in a neutral position.

Thoughtful design. Sophisticated engineering

Elegance in Simplicity

Each detail has been carefully considered. Luxurious leathers or fabrics wrapped around an exclusive Posturepedic™ support system and heavy duty reclining mechanism provide the comfort, support and durability that you would expect from Sealy®.

It's a Sealy®, It's made for sleep

Trusted Technology by the Sleep Experts

While we admit, this isn't a mattress. Our engineers have spent many hundred hours testing our recliners. So comfortable, that we have to admit many working hour naps have occurred.  

Review Matters, We Have Great Ones

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